Working on my goals

The beginning of 2012 began with finding out I am in remission. I struggled a bit after that news. Not quite sure what to do with it and how to move past it all.

One of the ways I began, once I was ready, was to set some goals. They were essentially items from my bucket list that I really wanted to see myself achieve. In no particular order here are the ones I’ve put my focus into for now.

  1. Allow myself to begin to get past having cancer: I am doing much better with this now. It’s still on my mind a lot but mostly because I’ve adopted a much louder voice as an advocate. I don’t believe I can ever go a day without thinking about it so this allows me to put a more healthy spin on it.
  2. Speak about relevant aspects of my life at an event where the audience is filled with people I appreciate and admire: I think about this often and while the opportunity has not presented itself yet I will actively pursue it if/when it does. I will not allow my fear of public speaking to hinder this goal. I know I have much to be said should I find the right avenue. If you are looking for speakers, hit me up, I’m interested!
  3. Find a way to prove to myself that I worthy of being called a writer: I’ve been blogging a very long time but for some reason it doesn’t feel like I can say I am a writer until I write something outside of my own blogs. I’m proud to say that I applied for something that was perfectly fitting for me. I heard back recently that I got the position. Soon enough I can proudly announce to the world that I am in fact a full-fledged writer!
  4. Be a better mother to my children: I don’t feel like I was a bad parent before. More like my focus was spread out and they suffered for it. I have dedicated more time to them and their needs, I’ve seen a huge difference in them, and in how I feel about myself as a mother. This one is a definite win!

Sometime just sitting down and thinking about the things you want to achieve is enough to light the fire needed to make it all happen. I encourage you to do the same thing!