Prayers need to be specific

I got the results today… I did get good the news that I prayed for, but it was topped with bad news.

THE GOOD NEWS: The cancer has not spread to my bones or blood. Thank God. I am relieved about that. this is the best news in terms of progression of the disease.

THE BAD NEWS:  My thyroglobulin level was off the charts. This means I still have too much cancer in my neck and that the cancer is extremely aggressive and resistant to the radiation. Now I start prep’ing for radiation all over again… My schedule is now as follows:

Feb 21st start low iodine diet for 10 days,
March 1st and 2nd two more doses of Thyrogen
March 3rd  Arrive at the Hospital at noon for a small dose of radiation (like super small, just enough for an uptake to help the body scan to be read) 4mci is the dose for this appt (when I was in for radiation it was 200mci) Then I have limited contact with the kids for 2-3 days only.
March 5th Whole body scan to determine how much cancer has been killed since the last scan.

Then I get a small break until:
March 28th start low iodine diet again for 10 days.
April 7th and 8th Thyrogen shots AGAIN (as long as our benefits will cover it it twice in a calendar year) The alternative is I stop taking my meds for 4 weeks to force my body to go hypo. Not nice.
April 9th back into the hospital for 3-4 days for 2nd treatment of radiation.

I just don’t know how to react. I am devastated. I was so sure I was going to get a clean scan and be able to start getting back to our old lives. I am going to going lay down, My head is splitting and the computer has made it worse.


Mistake with a ripple effect

I got the results of my CT scan and it looked clean which is great news. But I also found out that they had used something called “contrast” which contains iodine. I have been on a low iodine diet for a while now getting ready for radiation which is Oct 23rd. So now I get a call telling me they need to push back the radiation. They will call me to let me know when it will be but I am livid. One mistake and now my treatment is delayed by 2 months.

Pathology results

Well I got the pathology results from my 2dn surgery. They removed 81 lymph nodes in total. I was originally told a lesser number (Did you know we have thousands in our body? Who knew?) and found cancerous ones of course and some that were clean, but 8 of them tested positive for a completely unrelated cancer. My surgeon has never had a patient with this kind of cancer so she was unsure what the next step will be. My radiation is on Oct 23rd but she has to speak with her colleagues to see if that will remain or if I will need to start chemo instead. So basically I left with more questions than I had to begin with. The new cancer is metastatic adenocarcinoma (not even a thyroid cancer). She said all she knows is that that kind generally presents inthe ovaries/lung/colon/brain, but has no further specifics on it. I think I am going to have to do some research on my own and see if this has happened to anyone else? But now I am just unsure of what to do. I guess I just wait to hear back from her about what it all means and what is next for me.