Since I have made the blog public I decided to pretty it up a bit. Gone is the basic blog templace replaced with a simple one that is a bit more attractive. The look is not the main focus here but I did want to make it mine in a more visual way.

Hope you like it


Going Public.

Feb 3rd 2010 I decided to go public with this blog. It took me a long time to be able to open it up, but there aren`t many blogs out there that details life with Thyroid Cancer so I figured I would just suck it up and put it out there. Not sure people will want to read it but my goal is mostly to help someone else who`s searching for other people like them.

When I was looking online for people who`ve been throug this I found a support group but it was confusing at first and I was looking for stories and not a forum. Though the forum has helped me greatly, I was hoping to find bloggers who lay it all on the line in terms of emotions and family stuff as well as the medical stuff.

Because I wrote this to myself and had not intened to make it open access, it may read funny (funny strange, not funny haha), so just keep that in mind if you happen  to find yourself here. It will also be a bit raw in places as I won`t go back and edit to pretty it up for readers.

Click here to start at the begining of my battle with cancer

New name

I need a name change for this blog, not that anyone’s reading. For me Might Be Cancer isn’t the case anymore, and when I was think about what to rename my blog one thing resonates in my mind. The number of people who told me that Thyroid Cancer is “the good kind” sickens me. Even good friends and family members have slapped me in the face with that comment.

I am glad no ones reading this blog there would be a lot of hurt feeling for being called on using that stupid phrase. It’s NOT the good kind so fuck off…. (pardon me for that but I get very very angry, it’s my hot button issue)

So now my new name is: It’s Not the Good Kind.