Before and After cancer photos

Just thought I would share a pic of me before my diagnosis:

Me before cancer
Me a couple of weeks ago

2nd scar

This is a photo of the scar from my neck disection surgery. I had to wait a while to post one because it looked horrible in the begining. Now it’s not so bad, but it’s had 2 months to heal.

It was a much more invasive surgery and it’s taking me a lot more time to heal. This was much worse than the last surgery.

My scar

I was too chicken to post the gross ones from right after surgery but here is the scar from my Total Thyroidectomy at one month post-op. I took this today

I was expecting it to be horrible and in fact it’s quite perfect, and is healing ver nicely. Once it fades I think it will be unnoticable to most people, as it sits perfectly in my natural crease.