No more cancer

In the last post I expressed my health concerns and I am very fortunate to say that the tests came back conclusive. It’s not a new cancer! It’s still yucky and I’ll have to decide which treatment to go with but I was diagnosed with a menstrual disorder called menorhagia/hypermenorrhea. Basically it’s excessive and prolonged bleeding. Which is why it gets so bad that I went severely anemic and required hospitalization and a blood transfusion. 

So now what. I am given the choice of 3 things:
1.) Try an IUD to see if it regulates the bleeding- in many women it does.
2.) A uterine abalation
3.) A hysterectomy

After having gone through so much already; medically speaking I think I am leaning toward trying the IUD it’s less invasive, but not guaranteed. The only sure thing is the hysterectomy and I’m not ready to deal with everything that comes along with that. Major surgery (again) followed by early menopause doesn’t seem like my best bet right now, although it looks quite likely at some point if the IUD does work as well as we’re hoping.

Now to find out if insurance will cover the cost of the IUD, theyre over $300 otherwise. 

2 comments on “No more cancer

  1. katydogcrazy says:

    Don't forget that there is no need to remove your ovaries, just your uterus (if you go the surgical route). So technically you may be menopaused, as in no more monthly flow, but hormonally you just keep on cycling until you hit your natural menopause age.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That's true, I had my uterus removed 3 years ago (at 40) due to endometriosis but I have had no menopause symptoms because the surgeon was able to save one ovary.

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