Where I’m at

As you may have read in the last post I’ve been having some medical issues lately. To be specific I have bleeding for 2.5 months now. It began like every other period, only it didn’t end when it should have, it just kept going and going, getting heavier and more brutal to the point I was hemorrhaging. The blood was thin, almost like water, and I was soaking through tampons in 20 minutes. I have had a terrible backache that just won’t go away and had been hospitalized on Easter for a severely swollen left leg. Finally I went to my Dr. to describe all the issues, he sent me for tests. Luckily the bleeding had stopped by last Thursday, just in time for me to do the blood work. Monday I went for ultrasounds including a trans vaginal ultrasound. I was in the office, in pain, feeling uncomfortable and awkward but knowing it needed to be done. Monday after I got home I got the call that I needed to go in right away for the blood work results. I asked if it could wait until they received the ultrasound results. I didn’t want to go for 2 separate appointments. She told me she would check with the Dr and call me back. When she did she was adamant that I must come in right away. So in I went, not knowing what to expect. AS I sat there the Dr told me that she hadn’t yet received the ultrasound results but that the blood work revealed something very urgent. My Hemoglobin was dangerously low and likely even lower that they were on Thursday. I was told to take copies of the labs and head straight to the ER. ON the way out the office manger yelled for me to wait because my ultrasound had just come in and she would have the Dr review them and see me in a couple minutes. I was called back in 12 minutes later. She told me that several things were found. First they could see I had gall stones that were not yet bothersome but would likely require surgical removal at some point. Second, that I had some cysts and fibroids, ok, so far I am not worried. Then she dropped a massive bomb on me. My endometrial lining is grossly thickened. Which means one of two things. First possibility is Endometriosis. They find this a bit unlikely because it should have been noted when I was pregnant with Roo, but it was not, also I have none of the classic symptoms of Endometriosis, like the severe pain that goes along with it. The second , is uterine cancer. My symptoms coincide with this possibility so needless to say I am scared to death. I will have to have a biopsy to confirm, but all likelihood is that, at minimum I will require a full hysterectomy.

On the way out I was reminded to head straight to the ER.

 I did, and was pleased that things moved very quickly. They tested my hemoglobin and it had fortunately risen by 2 points. So they sent me home telling me that if the bleeding started again to come directly back. By the next morning it had started and was as bad as it was before. I set things in place to have someone watch my kids so I could head off to the ER. I slowly got worse and worse as the day went on. My hemoglobin had dropped by 4 point since 24 hours prior. They were very concerned and ordered a transfusion right away. I was given two units of blood and it took forever. It was cold and a bit painful. but my husband was with me holding my hand and my parents (long separated) were united in their concern for me. I saw the worry in my dad’s eyes and the helplessness in my moms as she brushed the hair of my forehead and tried her best to comfort me.

We’re all scared, but all I can do is wait until the biopsy is done. Then I’ll begin making plans depending on the diagnosis.

That’s where I’m at.


8 comments on “Where I’m at

  1. Ann B says:

    Oh hun! I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through…..hugs!!!!!!!

  2. naturegrl says:

    Coleen I am so sorry. 😦 Please, please let us be there for you. You need the support, and we are all here for you, so please.Many hugs and prayers.Laura

  3. Cal says:

    Scary story. Hope you get some resolution soon and a plan of attack. Hope for the best diagnosis.

  4. Oh hun! I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through ….. hugs!!!!!!!

  5. katydogcrazy says:

    You will have had some answers about the state of your uterine lining by now. I hope that someone has reminded you that your ovaries will have taken a shit-kicking from the radiation – both ablation and any you have had for scanning. So your ovaries will be far closer to menopausal than you would expect for your age, and this will heavily influence your uterus.That said, I am so bleeping sorry that you have this to deal with. I know the weakness of blood-loss anemia and the additional weakness from your low iron levels in circulation (this is independent of anemia, and is additional). I truly hope this is what the idiots who don't have to deal with it personally call "functional bleeding" and not another cancer to deal with.Sending you love from a stranger. – Katy xox

  6. Coleen–we haven't met, but your story touched me, as I've just had my thyroid out.You go ahead and rage and vent all you want, hon, because people as far away as Belgium (that would be me) are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and sending you lots of love and light. Lean on anyone and everyone, because all that good you put out in the world is going to come right back to you 10-fold.Hang in there. Hugs!Sarah

  7. Well i am so sorry, but still there is always a hope.

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