I’ve been Biopsied (Coleen’s Story Part 2)

Since the last post I have been back to my family Dr. who sent me back in for a second set of ultrasound images. Once they had come back he sent me to a specialist in Oakville who immediately did a biopsy on the lump and found that I had two lumps. She biopsied both of them and was able to get fluid and tissue samples. The fluid freaked me out as it was black, when I questioned it she would only say it was “abnormal”. She also told me that because the location was considered a “danger zone” she did tell me that it could be cancer but not too worry just yet. She said she wouldn’t sugar coat it because it wouldn’t help me to think everything was going to be just fine if there was a chance it wasn’t. She told me it may be a couple of weeks before I head anything back regarding the results.

I have a bad feeling…


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